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Frequently asked questions


Where do I submit on the website that I want my textbooks sent for free to the Extension site?


                When you reach the Shipping option screen, you must select Pick up and choose your extension site. There are only a few available dates each Quarter so make sure you check the dates before picking this option. Every pick up web order has a $2.00 handling fee associated with the order, only shipping is free.


What if I would like my textbooks sooner than the Extension Site Pick Up?

                If you would prefer your textbooks to arrive prior to the Pick Up/Pay Now dates, you will need to select "Ship to" under delivery options. We will ship UPS directly to your home. You will need to provide a street address when you register, not a PO Box and you will be charged shipping on your order. Student Sponsorship Accounts cannot use the "Ship to" option, since a signature and id is required for pick up.


What do I need to bring when I pick up my Extension Site Pick Up/Pay Now order?


                You will need to bring a form of picture ID and your web order number. This information will be used to determine your package for pick up.


Will I have only 1 package to pick up when I pick up my Extension Site Pick Up/Pay Now order?


                You may have more than 1 package. The log at the extension sites at time of pick up will indicate if you have more than 1 package. We fill orders and package them as textbooks arrive, so if at the time of filling your order there is one or more textbooks that have not arrived yet, we will put these on backorder for you and fill the order as soon as it arrives.


When do you fill my order? Do I have to reorder if a textbook is backordered?


                You will receive a confirmation of your order once we have worked it. This confirmation will tell you which textbooks have been fulfilled and which textbooks are on back order. You do not need to reorder a back order. We keep this information on file and once your back order arrives, we will pull them and charge them out to you at that time.


What is a Student Sponsorship Account and how do I use it to pay for my textbooks?


                A Student Sponsorship Account is an account set up by the financial aid office from an outside/third party agency that is covering all or part of your textbook expenses. When you reach the Payment Option screen, use the Down arrow to select your payment type. If you are going to use your Student Sponsorship Account. Select this option and it will prompt you to enter your Name and Student ID#. (Refer to the detailed website instructions).

               We will use this number to access your account and review your funds before we process your textbook order. Make sure that this number has been entered correctly and that it is the number the Financial Aid office has on file for you. If we are unable to verify your funds using the number you gave us we will have to cancel your order and you will receive an email saying your order has been canceled.


What if I do not have enough funds to cover all my textbooks in my Student Sponsorship Account?


                We will charge out as many textbooks as your funds will allow. We will then need to cancel the remaining textbooks on the order and you will receive an email that states: Thank you for ordering with the Bookaneer Bookstore. We need to inform you that there are not enough funds to pay for all of the textbooks you ordered. We have charged out the number of textbooks that your sponsorship account will allow and these items will be shipped to the extension site. The remaining textbooks on your order have been cancelled. If you have any questions about the amount of funding in your account, please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance at (360)417-6390. If and when your funding can be increased you will need to re-order your remaining book(s).


Can I use my Student Sponsorship Account if I have the textbooks shipped to my home address?


                The option to use Student Sponsorship Accounts is sometimes restricted to Extension site Pick Up/Pay Now dates or textbook purchase made within the Port Angeles campus bookstore. You will need to check with the financial aid office. This type of payment method by law requires verification of student ID and additional signatures at time of pick up.


Can I order online and pick up my textbooks at the Port Angeles campus bookstore for free shipping?


                Yes, you will have a $2.00 handling fee associated with the order but there will be no shipping charge.